Triple Double Basketball Info

Monday, Fall 30+ league expected to start September 11, 2017.  Wednesday, Summer 40+ league has the following schedule change:

October 4, 2017 games will be played October 11, 2017 and the next 15 game session is expected to commence October 18, 2017.

US Masters Basketball Tournament May 1984

Please note:
If you cannot make a game, please inform the person at the scorer’s table of an expected absense or call 203-788-9261 or 203-791-4913 and let us know ahead of time.

Contacting Triple Double Basketball:
Triple Double Basketball
Howard Sherman
PO Box 1583
New Milford, CT 06776

1997 Senior Olympics Tucson AZ
1997 Senior Olympics Tucson AZ

In Case of Inclement Weather:
On a game day, the decision will be made to play or cancel by 3:00 PM. Please call 203.791.4911 and listen to the message. Cancelled dates will be moved to the end of the schedule.